Reopening of a historic hotel, totally renovated based on a project by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

After total renovation lasting over four years at a cost of 200 million euros, the iconic Hotel Lutetia was officially reopened on 12 July in the neighborhood of Paris Saint-Germain, 6ème arrondissement, with design by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

First opened in 1910 by Boucicaut family, the Lutetia was a favorite haunt of writers and artists: from Joyce to Beckett, Hemingway to Picasso. Acquired in 2010 by the Israeli group Alrov, today it is one of the best-known hotels on the Rive Gauche.

The key feature of Wilmotte’s project is its way of conserving the refined original spirit of the site in a refined contemporary approach.

Lema Contract has furnished 175 rooms and the suite named for Josephine Baker, developing special solutions for each room to combine the stylistic requirements of Wilmotte’s project with the technical constraints imposed in the restructuring of such an important historical building, integrating technical, security, air conditioning and automation systems.


The main objective of the renovation was to convert the structure for a new life, diminishing the number of rooms and increasing their size, while conserving as much as possible of the original structure, without altering its historical charm and value.

Lema Contract has custom-produced all the fixed furnishings in the rooms, supplying floors, ceilings, wooden facings for the walls and bow windows; doors in wood, glass or with gold decorations; paneling and headboards; bar cabinets.