Baleri Italia, for the 30th anniversary of the Juliette Chair by Hannes Wettstein, pays tribute to this design icon Made in Italy with a limited edition of 100 pieces in the champagne color, numbered and signed by the designer.

The edition can already be ordered from Baleri Italia dealers.

At the same time, the company presents the project Juliette meets artists, coordinated by Aldo Parisotto in collaboration with the gallery Studio La Città in Verona.

To encourage constructive interaction between three creative sectors – art, photography and design – the project involves three contemporary artists who share a taste for ongoing chromatic research, who selected the superleggera in their preferred hue, and were then immortalized by three different photographers.

The three artists approach color in different ways. Luigi Carboni transforms it into thick, dense matter on the surface of the canvas; Jacob Hashimoto applies it as a characteristic feature of his mobiles; Herbert Hamak concentrates on its purity, revealed by skillful use of light filtered by resin in his monochrome solids.