The new Boero collection of 96 neutral, low-saturation tones

The new Boero collection of 96 neutral, low-saturation tones


Boero launches a new line of neutral colors in tune with the latest tastes and styles in interior design. I Contemporanei: a palette of 96 desaturated, classic and urban hues, available in water-base paints, wall enamels and water-base or solvent-base enamels, to decorate all kinds of surfaces, from masonry to iron to wood.

The low saturation of the tones is based on the world of nature, leading to the alteration of chromatic perception in reaction to light and combinations. Matched with classic colors, they add understated accents to make spaces more harmonious and relaxing, while in combinations of more delicate tones they subtly convey a sense of tactful personality.

Great care has gone into the color chart, which becomes an indispensable and functional tool for selection of the best possible combinations.

The collection offers four horizontal paths, and is structured by alternating pale, desaturated colors with columns of darker neutral tones.

The Chiari Contemporanei include a wide range of refined whites; I Minimali reflect the essence of raw materials; Gli Architettonici offer the best chromatic performance in terms of order and precision; Gli Urbani generate deep, elegant chromatic echoes.