Airplane seats that adapt to the needs of passengers thanks to an app

The designer Benjamin Hubert of the studio Layer, in collaboration with Airbus, has created Move, an airplane seat made with intelligent fabrics that thanks to an app allows passengers to improve their flight experience even in economy class, or on short to medium trips.

Now in the prototyping phase, each unit is a single piece, composed of a digital-weave fabric seat attached to an ultra-light frame. The weave of the intelligent fabric cover is connected to a series of sensors that detect the body of the user and the conditions of the seating itself.

Temperature, tension, pressure and movement are some of the parameters that can be monitored and controlled by passengers via smartphone, using the Move app, also created by Layer. The app analyzes the data and sends messages to the passenger on how to improve comfort. For example, it may suggest standing up and taking a walk to improve circulation, stretching exercise while seated, or the need for a drink of water.

The intelligent covering has zones of different densities with which to vary the support offered to the body. During the flight, the seat automatically adjusts itself on the basis of weight, size and movement of the passenger.

The back central island of the Move seat is completely mobile and regulated to match the height and size of the traveler. It features optimized spaces for objects, a table surface that extends for different needs, and a compartment for devices that issues a warning if the items are being forgotten on board.

The project by the studio Layer also sets out to improve sustainability. The seat and the light frame, in aluminium and carbon fiber, significantly reduce on-board weight, leading to fuel savings and more ecological air travel.