“A Saint-Gobain home is a better home. And a better home improves life.” This is the message around which Saint-Gobain, the historic brand that for over 350 years has been designing innovative technological solutions for the domestic comfort of Italians, has decided to organize its first corporate ad campaign, selecting DLV BBDO for the job.

The campaign is the result of the need to narrate, with an almost educational approach, the values ​​the company intends to promote: “from houses to make comfortable, to houses built around comfort.”

For this reason, for the first time the brand has decided to establish a direct dialogue with end users, rather than only addressing industry professionals, with the portraying the role of Saint-Gobain through an empathetic and emotional approach.

“Comfort is… Saint-Gobain” is the creative platform chosen to communicate the solutions and innovative technologies designed by Saint-Gobain, starting from the lives of people, their needs, focusing on a strong human presence and on stories everyone can relate to.