In 2016 Parisotto+Formenton have started working with the stone company Palmalisa Zantedeschi on a double project that focuses on the encounter between matter and design, bringing out the characteristics of natural materials in relation to deliberately minimalist, nearly imperceptible design.

Pietra is a collection of functional alabaster objects for the domestic ceremony of the table: bowls, plates, cups, trays, featuring contemporary design and fine craftsmanship; forms and transparencies shaped by expert hands, skillfully working with natural materials.

Under the artistic direction of Aldo Parisotto, Sottrazione is a numbered edition of “hanging stones,” conceived as stone elements that can also be paired in diptychs, for the decoration of domestic or commercial spaces. The collection starts with careful research on large boulders during their processing. Each piece is unique and human intervention is almost invisible, so as not to compromise the natural purity.