With its inimitable lines, the Sanlorenzo 106 embodies elegance and balanced volumes, combined with an extraordinary number of innovations, in perfect Sanlorenzo style.

The boat blends custom interior design by the best companies in the furniture sector with technological advances that ensure wellbeing and comfort in every space.

Alongside a top-notch electrical system, the Eikon Tactil controls by Vimar have been inserted throughout the yacht.

With attractive lines, the devices have a surface in smooth, luminous diamond black glass.

Featuring proximity sensors and touch technology, Eikon makes it possible to precisely control lighting and the movement of blinds and curtains, to always have the perfect atmosphere.

The owner in this case has chosen to combine Tactil with the elegant lines of the ultra-slim profile of the Eikon Evo series, in two versions: black diamond and white diamond glass.

The Eikon plates from a wide range of Vimar sockets to meet all functional needs.