To get away from the traditional office, to work where and as you please. The new role of the office can be summed up as Smart Working, no longer in spaces of productivity and control, but in a territory of relations and sharing. This idea was the meeting point between the client GfK (a supplier of marketing and consumer research to support decision-making processes) and Il Prisma (the architecture studio that has reinterpreted the Smart Working trend to respond to the social need for a better experience of the workplace).

This client-designer relationship has become a close alliance, in the conviction that today it is fundamental to work together on the definition of needs based on a comfortable, serene approach to working life.

No more standard environments designed only for functional results, but custom spaces to contain the effective organizational dynamics of the company. With a focus on life-work balance, the subjective, relational and psychological dimension of the worker, as important factors that must be taken into account in projects.

Il Prisma has worked for months with the staff of GfK, creating true workshops starting with the premise that the company cannot be represented by a physical, standardized product. The value lies in people and the research they conduct on an everyday basis.

There is no longer a clear distinction between work zones, corridors and break areas. Instead, there is a continuous space in which activities unfold in sequence, generating landscapes marked by different materials and hues.

Il Prisma has also radically updated the architecture of the building, owned by BNP Real Estate, along with its physical plant. Thanks to integrated design and project management work, it has been possible to create a custom building to meet the needs of those who inhabit it, all on a specific schedule, providing GfK with a high-performance facility (LEED Gold certification) offering substantial savings over the previous real estate solution, and helping BNP to bring out the value of its real estate holdings.