Reopening of the renovated Terrazza Martini, an iconic place and a protagonist of the history of Italian lifestyle

To mark its 60th anniversary, Terrazza Martini reopens in Milan after complete renovation.

1100 square meters on 3 levels subdivided into 5 rooms to host events, for an immersive experience of hospitality, created by effects of transparency, interactive walls and optical illusions.

In the project by the studio Il Prisma every element has been studied to narrate the history and identity of the Martini brand, to enhance the special view of the city and to pay homage to a moment of the day – the aperitif – dedicated to socializing and sharing.

The contemporary interior design of the space calls for zones that reflect the Martini legacy, like the time capsule that evokes the charm of the Sixties, through the faces of the personalities who often visited the Terrazza in those days.

An atmosphere made to measure for guests and inspired by the warm tones of the sunset, the typical moment of the aperitif, with a special focus on the city of Milan in the choice of the materials and furnishings.