Behind its austere image as a working-class city, Turin is transformed into a house ready to welcome curious visitors. Like any house, it has an entrance, the Porta Nuova station: a kitchen, the Porta Palazzo market; and of course a living room, namely Piazza San Carlo; as well as a terrace, the Parco del Valentino.

In one of the loveliest corners of Turin, between the Po and the Gran Madre, Ristorante Papo is a place where family spirit and a focus on taste and innovation become the themes of a venue that concentrates on quality. A vision shared by Ceramiche Caesar, chosen to supply the floors of the facility, providing great looks and high performance.

Trace is the collection in porcelain stoneware by Caesar that has been selected for the flooring. In the Mint color, Trace is perfectly in tune with the atmosphere of the place, deploying its chromatic effects to trigger the sensation of a stormy sea. The large 120×120 cm format accentuates the sense of depth and vastness, in a perfect blend of originality and harmony.