The new work of art in glass by Matteo Thun for Venini

Venini presents The silence of colors, the new work of art in glass by Matteo Thun.

It comes in four variations, each in a limited edition.

On a panel of Santafiore stone, Matteo Thun has created a composition of vases and bottles with perfectly balanced forms and hues.

The rugged, porous surface of the base triggers an elegant game of contrasts with the smooth, almost velvety quality of the glass. Each bottle is blown and then finished with light grinding to gently veil the surface: the forms become ethereal, the colors become quiet, softening the silhouettes.

The colors are combined on a scale of cool tones: violet, sea blue and taupe, or blue, grape and taupe. Or they come in warmer shades of gray, yellow and orange, or the combination of amber, apple green and taupe.