In the setting of Constantine, a new technical lighting project using products by B Light: the lighting of the luxurious Marriott Constantine hotel.

For this project, done by the architecture studio Fabris & Partners, a careful selection was made of B Light fixtures to obtain specific lighting effects in different zones of the facility.

Maia X1 Duo and Maia X2 Duo, spotlights with a sober, clean design, were assigned the task of oblique lighting of the external facades, creating a play of light and shadow with the protruding and recessed architectural parts and the curves of the horseshoe-arch windows. The Maia X1 Duo outdoor spots were also made in a custom version for both upward and downward lighting of the facades.

To further enhance the project, another fixture with an extremely clean, minimal design was chosen: Okkio 55W, an architectural fixture for wall installation.

The inside of the vault over the public areas has been underscored by the Linear Tube HP Wall, a modular linear fixture for high light flow, with a wallwasher effect.

Thanks to the discreet but effective presence of Inside 60 SQ, a minimal square built-in fixture for plasterboard ceilings of minimum visual impact, the common areas benefit from total integration of the lighting system in the architecture.

With its perfectly uniform light distribution, Inserto Mini CL, the compact, modular and dimmable linear fixture, enhances the details of the swimming pool in the relaxation area.