Brionvega Wearit TS 217 is the first wearable bluetooth speaker to always carry with you. Designed by Michael Young, it comes from an interpretation of the Brionvega TS 207, a true Sixties icon.

The speaker stands out not only for its particular style, but also for the concept of wearable music it introduces, as an absolute innovation in the audio world. It is not just a speaker: the packaging contains a bag-case that transforms it into a fashion accessory.

The bag holds the speaker and protects it, while camouflaging it to make it become an integral part of your look.

The possibility of choosing from three different colors (tobacco, blue and purple) makes the speaker adapt to any style. The bag can be outfitted with a shoulder strap or a handle, a dual option to complete any outfit with a touch of trendy glamour.

Brionvega Wearit TS 217 comes with a microphone and lets you answer calls by simply touching a button on the front of the speaker. When the phone call is over the music automatically returns.

The unit offers improved battery life, for up to 24 hours of uninterrupted listening (depending on the volume), and can be charged via USB. The power-bank function allows you to recharge any smartphone when necessary.

Its size and light weight (12.5×7.5×3.5, 400gr) make it possible to take it anywhere. All this without sacrificing clear, powerful sound, thanks to a system of two high-efficiency speakers and a passive radiator for rich bass tones.