Inside is the name of the new catalogue of finishes and materials, those of the language of Aster. Edited by the architect Lorenzo Granocchia, art director of the company, and presently launched for the moods Moderno and Factory, Inside represents an original tool: an agile, complete photographic book that reproduces the available solutions to scale, ready for easy reference for designers in their studios, at dealerships or in the homes of clients.

With 164 pages, the volume presents 340 finishes (without counting the colors) divided by material categories (woods, stones, metals, glass, lacquers, laminates), ranging from more affordable proposals to refined, prestigious inspirations.

Full-page photos accurately reproduce the materic textures and color palettes, seen in precise settings to suggest possible compositions and combinations.

“Alongside the view in terms of collections and mood, by now a characteristic of Aster,” says Paolo Zonghetti, marketing manager of the company, “our new orientation is even more closely linked to design. The Inside catalogue represents an important step along the strategic path that we have taken, setting up dedicated showroom areas for Mix & Match.”