Feria Tegular perforated, Perla OP microlook, Ultima OP, Baffles Metal V-P 500 and Optima L Canopy: these are the five solutions from the range by Armstrong Building Products – a company specializing in the production and marketing of complete acoustic suspended ceiling solutions – selected by the architecture studio Zambelli, to respond to the various design needs that emerged during the course of the project for the new headquarters of Eldor Corporation.


The work entirely built by the construction contractor Nessi & Majocchi is a complex composed of four main functional nuclei, for a total area of 14,489.95 m2.


The architectural choices are in perfect tune with the philosophy of Eldor, with an accent on environmental protection.

All the interior spaces, with the exclusion of the storage facilities, have suspended ceilings to contain physical plant systems and to control levels of temperature and humidity.

The solutions of Armstrong Building Products, with their high performance, guarantee optimal acoustic comfort in every space.