io.T is an intelligent system of furnishings connected and interfaced with computer systems, devices and hubs to offer information and solutions to the owners and managers of smart office buildings, as well as end-users.

The information makes it possible to improve area management, minimizing consumption and optimizing the use of resources.

Tecno has responded to the intuition of Studio GTP, forming a working group composed of industry experts (TIM, STMicroelectronics,, Ilevia, InfoSolution and Videoworks) engaged for about two years now in the development and optimization of the io.T furnishing system.

A new vision in which Tecno has evolved its industrial experience and excellence to adapt to contemporary ways of working, making them more efficient, adding new functions and responding to the widespread focus on sharing and on “the life of things.”

Among the main functions of io.T: user identification through NFC or Bluetooth devices (badges, smartphones, tablets); access and function control (access to rooms and offices with doors equipped with electromechanical locks that can be opened with NFC/BT devices); reservation of seats and rooms (date, duration and assignment of seating indicated on monitors at the entrance); temperature, humidity and pressure (the table equipped with io.T have individual sensors for temperature, pressure and humidity, that transmit updates in real time to the control room; lighting (the tables can be outfitted with luminosity sensors); connectivity (Ethernet, wi-fi or Bluetooth in keeping with specific needs and the existing set-up of the building).