Divani&Divani by Natuzzi presents an innovative stainproof fabric and a mini-sofa for pets

Divani&Divani by Natuzzi presents the new Kids&Pets collection, composed of 50 models available in the new AquaCOMFORT covering, the innovative fabric offered in 15 color variants, which permits elimination of stains with water.

AquaCOMFORT is stainproof, scratchproof, tearproof and antistatic, so it is ideal for families with children and pets. The exclusive technology covers every fiber with an invisible molecular coating to keep dirt from penetrating the fabric.


Cuccioloso™ è il minidivano letto per gli amici a quattro zampe, disponibile in 15 colori, personalizzabile con il nome del proprio cucciolo e con la possibilità di scegliere fascia e bordino a contrasto.


Cuccioloso™ is a mini-sofa for furry friends, available in 15 colors, ready to be personalized with the pet’s name and a contrasting border.

Cuccioloso, developed by Centro Stile Natuzzi, stands out for its refined design and excellent materials, guaranteeing great performance and durability.

The resilient polyurethane padding provides comfort and support; the seat can be extended for larger animals.

Cuccioloso™ is also covered with AquaCOMFORT, the intelligent fabric that does not stain, and does not accumulate pet hair thanks to its particular antistatic structure. The special coating of the synthetic fibers makes the fabric stand up to scratching and rips caused by the claws of pets.


For the launch of the new Kids&Pets collection, the Cuccioloso™ mini-sofa is offered as a free gift, until 31 May, for all those who purchase a sofa.

Divani&Divani, finally, announces its first collaboration with Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali (E.N.P.A.), supporting the adoption of 21 stray animals from the protection centers organized by the agency.