With the renewal of the abandoned port area of Kotka, a town in southern Finland that is a renowned tourist attraction, seeks revitalization through international shopping and entertainment, in a project that calls for the construction of the first Finnish Designer Outlet Village.

A central role in the project is played by DEA Real Estate Advisor of Luca de Ambrosis Ortigara, one of the main retail developers on an international level.

All the leading figures of the project met on Monday 25 April for a small event to celebrate the start of construction in this ambitious urban renewal initiative.

The project brings together John Milligan, Gerald Parkes, Cameron Sawyer and Byrne Murphy, investors with an international profile and vast experience in the promotion and development of luxury outlets in France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Russia.

The management of the leasing has been assigned to Luca de Ambrosis Ortigara, founder and CEO of DEA Real Estate Advisor, an independent company that concentrates on development of the high-end retail fashion sector.

“This is a truly interesting location, due to the reservoir of potential users from Finland and Russia,” says Luca de Ambrosis Ortigara, “as well as the diversified offering and excellent accessibility. It will certainly have great appeal for top international brands.”

The facility will be much more than a cluster of shops. The names of the companies will soon be announced, including developers of facilities for tourism, dining, wellness and cruises. These firms will contribute to the success of Kotka and its first Designer Outlet Village.