Budri, an excellent Italian brand known the world over for its original creations in marble, has launched its first Eyewear line, a tribute to lightness and design evolution in the working of stone: the rare and precious material becomes a very thin surface, shaped by technology to create exclusive eyewear for a perfect fit.


The idea began in August 2011, in the Budri workshops, during the phases of creation of Nat|f|Use – the collection done in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. After a marble piece accidentally fell on the floor, its shape was like a set of glasses. The challenge began: to shape marble to make it wearable and suitable for the technical needs of attachment of lenses.

Budri presented the first prototypes in 2014. That same year a violent earthquake struck the entire area to the north of Modena, and slowed down the project that was being closely monitored by Gianmarco Budri. In the months to follow the company and the Eyewear project were reconstructed, thanks to the company’s crafts know-how and the creativity of the designer Valerio Cometti, aided by authoritative names on the eyewear scene.

After two years of research to develop specific production technologies, Budri presents an exclusive and revolutionary eyewear collection in marble, onyx and semi-precious stones.

The Budri Eyewear collection is composed of five models whose names are a clear tribute to the Italian art of sculpture: Donatello, Bernini, Michelangelo, Canova and Palladio.

In nine types of marble from the world’s finest quarries.