Bloomingdale’s, the famous American department store, is expanding into the Middle East, specifically in Kuwait City. The recently opened store, in an iconic building, has an area of 8600 square meters on 3 levels for large display spaces and shops belonging to famous fashion, beauty and design brands.


The technical lighting design, by the English studio Nulty+, enhances the architecture, giving light a guiding role in the shopping experience. The lighting is flexible and terse, but also daring, creating vivid contrasts between the merchandise and the surrounding areas.


Correct lighting becomes fundamental to encourage customers to spend time in a retail space. This is why the choice has gone to the luminous solutions of Linea Light Group, a company that stands out for technological solutions created specifically for the multiple requirements of the retail world.

In this case, the products utilized are the Creek built-in fixture, the modular Edith Custom ceiling lamp, and the Ice-Cut profile.