Just outside the walls of the historical center of the city of Palladio, overlooking the whole city of Vicenza, stands a penthouse refined contemporary taste, where design transforms the space create an oasis of tranquility. This place of timeless style is the ‘stage’ on which the architecture and interior design firm +studi has ‘staged’ a ‘spectacle’ of lines and volumes, where the Essential panel doors by Scrigno are the protagonists.


Organized on two levels, the L+S penthouse, named for its owners, features an ethereal balance of natural tones and pure geometry, adding character to the entire area of ​​the apartment on the top floor, which contains a private lounge and an outdoor spa, built into the wooden deck of the terrace.


The project sets out to astonish with its freedom of composition, a spirit clearly expressed in the Essential by Scrigno line.

Upon entering visitors are struck by the texture of the doors, designed as decor complements to blend with the surrounding space. The hinged doors bring aesthetic homogeneity to the walls, thanks to a total lack of casements and perfect integration with the plasterboard structure and the baseboards, achieving a monolithic effect of linear, essential volumes.

A refined design at the service of functional quality. The Essential doors were chosen to give spaces like the bathroom and the laundry room a unique style, creating a spatial connection between the entrance and the living area, a large open space in which the kitchen becomes the fulcrum of family life.

The entrance module has a geometric pattern of squares, alternating warm hues suggested by the colors of the earth.

The panels of the Scrigno solutions are customized, echoing the materic effect of the wallpaper to create a continuum in which the frames, trimmed to match the plaster, have been carefully concealed, and the hinges totally inserted in the frames are invisible.