The headquarters, 4600 square meters in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), of Coca-Cola HBC Italia – the largest bottler of products of the The Coca-Cola Company on the national territory – is a project that began in 2013, covering all the possible phases of transformation of the office space.

The project focuses on some of the major factors in the configuration of new areas: technology (and implementation of a smart working policy), flexibility and communication (with capillary spatial distribution of the brand).

A consulting and design process for a totally new, effective and efficient office space.

For methodological completeness – brief, workplace change management, space planning, interior design, construction supervision – the Coca-Cola HBC project can be defined as a ‘textbook’ case of services offered by Degw, the brand of the Lombardini222 group that focuses on integrated workplace design.

The design concept develops these premises starting with the operative identity of the client, making the two essential activities of Coca-Cola HBC (production/bottling and distribution) converge in a framework that summarizes the icons (the cap, the case).

The result is a graphic leitmotif that can be interpreted for different but coherent usage options in the space.

The project has also involved the other brands of Lombardini22: L22 – specializing in architectural design and engineering – and Fud Brand Making Factory, which focuses on physical branding.

Among the suppliers of furnishings and lighting: Arper, Artigo, Artemide, Caimi, Cappellini, Flos, Kartell, Kastel, Milliken, Pedrai, Sedus, Unifor.