La Petite Afrique, a luxury building with 11 above-ground levels, a private roof pool, 6 underground parking levels, an indoor pool and a spa, was designed by the Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld following an invitational competition organized by Fine Properties Monte Carlo.


Among the outstanding materials, marble by Margraf.

The facade features 500 m2 of ventilated walls in Bronzite, up to the third floor. The perimeter is enhanced by 2200 m2 of curved Gascogne facings.

The large apartments, one per floor, have ample terraces with floating floors in Travertino Romano Classico.

Inside, Travertino Navona adds elegance to the living area, while Calacatta Oro has been used for the floors and facings in the bathrooms, alongside about 850 m2 of white quartz composite for the service and kitchen zones.

The spa and the indoor pool are clad with 800 m2 of Travertino Romano Classico.