A building with a boomerang form embraces a large pavilion that resembles a sunflower, mechanically opening to the outdoors. The Tournesol swimming pool at Lingolsheim, in France, chooses HI-MACS® to go back to the future.

The bid for the renovation, in a public tender, went to the design studio Urbane Kultur founded 15 years ago by Dominique Cornaert and Philippe Dahan, thanks to an innovative project for the expansion and revitalization of the facility.

From all the materials on the market, HI-Macs® was chosen for its quality and malleability that made it possible to conserve the original form of the two main structures. The choice of this solid surface was a result of its virtues of durability, strength and hygiene.

The form of the main building, a cupola, made the renovation particular complex, but the studio has managed to achieve radical thermal improvement of the building, with the reconstruction of the inner and outer enclosures.

The vertical and cross sections of the form have not been modified, and the dome conserves its functional 120-degree opening, to adapt to the external climate, transforming the facility from an indoor pool into an outdoor pool.