From an art gallery, the smallest in Europe, to a mini-apartment, fully equipped and finished with great quality. This is the transformation of a space of 25 square meters in a 1920s building in the heart of the Città Studi district in Milan.

The new apartment, the result of a thorough study of needs, tastes and sensibilities of the client, is the work of Milano Abita, the company of the architect Martina Margaria, specializing in restoration and enhancement of small spaces through the optimization of area and the added value of refined details.

The result of this type of design approach is a fully furnished house, a turnkey project, combining functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

The absolute star of the studio in Città Studi is the natural light that radiates into the living area thanks to a large window.

The renovation has revised the spaces once used as an art gallery to create a true home, conserving certain elements like the loft (for the bed). The sense of spaciousness comes from a choice of colors capable of softly spreading natural or artificial light, and complements in glass and steel to reflect its glow.