On the promontory of the Argentario, the project by the architect Filippo Bombace for the renovation of a villa is an ode to Mediterranean style.


The house has a characteristic range of colors, and the windows are never too large, preventing the heat of the sun from penetrating the internal spaces. The choice of functional, essential furnishings makes no concessions to the superfluous.


The living area, for example, has been designed as a fluid space: the long dining table, a sofa and a few other pieces are the only presences, faced by the custom kitchen crafted by hand by Abimis, for a true convivial spirit.

An opening in the wall creates elegant visual continuity, also offering a view of the landscape from the kitchen. The lower edge of the opening between the two spaces is a cantilevered steel counter, as a practical spot for consuming snacks; the identical upper border contains the exhaust hood.

In the concept by Filippo Bombace, the essential, linear Abimis kitchen has an L-shaped layout, adapting to the irregularities of the perimeter of the villa thanks to complete customization: the depth and width of the modules are sized on the basis of functional and ergonomic needs.