A design duet, in which Lago and Intesa Sanpaolo create spaces for the new Center for Innovation of the banking group, in a skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano in Turin.

A synergy that confirms Lago’s ability to collaborate with major clients, as partners for both design and communication, thus contributing to the development of a strategic vision of the future of the spaces in which we live. This attitude of ‘design thinking’ is driven by a communication engine with more than 600,000 people connected on Facebook and over 2 million annual visitors on the website Lago.it

The desire for innovation of Intesa Sanpaolo has therefore found a perfect response design by Lago, which starting at the Salone del Mobile this year has developed a new strategy represented by the slogan “Welcome Home.” With this new program, the company sets out to extend the experience gained in the domestic design to all the places where life flows, not only houses but also offices, shops, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, cafes. A vision that has proved successful and has helped Lago to achieve international double-digit growth from the beginning of 2015.

Located on the thirty-first floor of the skyscraper in Turin, the Innovation Center has been built in keeping with the philosophy Lago Interior Life, with which the company aims to make spaces and people resonate together, in order to create, through design environments geared to ‘home feeling,’ situations that favor individual and collective wellbeing, while helping to generate connections, which can also mean business.

The purpose is to invent a true participatory office in which design improves the working environment and the spaces open to the public, stimulating the creation of relationships and fostering new business connections among the people who experience those spaces.