In Nembro, the new sustainable housing model that responds to contemporary needs

Designed to offer maximum sustainability and to meet the needs of contemporary everyday life, the Appartamento Lago Tower is an innovative residential model that will be built in the new vertical garden of Nembro, near Bergamo: a tower of 8 levels and 18 apartments in which the protagonists of the architecture are the trees.

Created thanks to the collaboration between Lago Store Bergamo, the Bassani architecture firm and the Nicoli family, the new project features timeless custom interior design solutions: quality, lightness and personalization are the key factors of the spaces, starting from the living area, the true core of the house.

The open space contains the kitchen and living area, visually screened by a Weightless bookcase that descends from the ceiling. The space also features a large Air divan, accompanied by a suspended table that welcomes cooks and guests. The children’s room contains the Weightless suspended loft bed, idea for both play and sleep.

The Appartamento is part of the Lago Design Networka network of public and private places that share in the design of the Lago Real Estate project, dedicated to real estate entrepreneurs and permitting application of all the communicative potential of Lago, to transform housing units into a setting for events created for the occasion, offering a direct preview experience for potential buyers.