The design of the Polish Pavilion, by the Polish architect Piotr Musiałowski of the studio 2PM in collaboration with the designers of the studio WXCA, who have handled the selection of facing materials, creates a strong materic contrast between exterior and interior.


880 m2 of ceramic walls covered with the Laminam Serie Collection in intense black accompany visitors along a theatrical path to discover the natural wonders of the country. The fulcrum of this sensorial experience is the Magic Garden, a symbolic orchard that becomes a perfect place for relaxing, an infinite space clearly associated with Polish agriculture.

While the collaboration with WXCA demonstrates the outstanding role Laminam plays in the making of important architectural projects, including a series of references in international design, the presence inside the national pavilion bears witness to the company’s reputation in Poland, a key country, a young nation where construction is in progress and the technological avant-garde of Laminam finds very fertile ground.

The brand has been a direct presence here since 2014, following the creation of the distribution center for all of Central Europe, in collaboration with an outstanding local partner. Located near Warsaw, Laminam Polska has a warehousing capacity of 30,000 m2 of sheets, and a staff of 10 persons for logistics, customer service and promotion: a way to be closer to the end-user, breaking down logistical barriers, which makes all the difference in this sector for the mass success of a product.