The Dubai Opera,  the new cultural facility in the city center designed by Janus Rostock  of the British firm Atkins, has the form of a dhow, the traditional wooden boat used for centuries in the Gulf.

At the entrance visitors are welcomed by the dynamic luminous sculpture  Symphony, designed and produced by Lasvit.

The sculpture extends across three floors and is inspired by water and the seagoing tradition of Dubai. It is composed of thousands of handmade glass pearls, to generate a precious, timeless and exceptional creation.

The form of the light sculpture is also a tribute to fishing nets, which in a swirl of bubbles ascend from the depths of the sea.

The impressive work measures 11 meters  in length, 5  meters in width, with a height of 27  meters. It weighs 5 tons, and is lit by 3000 LEDs, glowing in thousands of blown glass parts.

Each pearl contains tiny air bubbles embedded in the glass to augment light refraction.

The Dubai Opera complex contains a theater, a concert hall and a space of  2000 m2  for events. Depending on the configuration, it can host 2000 seated listeners for a concert and 1000 persons for a gala dinner. Outside the main auditorium, the complex has a space for performances, a rooftop restaurant and a garden with a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.