The Sochi Casino and Resort provides an excellent example of the eclectic activities of Lasvit, the Czech design firm that produces luxurious contemporary glass art, ranging from the production of high-tech mobile installations to custom luminous sculptures and exclusive architectural elements in glass.


Upon entering the lobby visitors are greeted by Supernova, an interactive kinetic installation created by Petra Krausova and composed of pieces of transparent glass with a texture of lines that create fascinating patterns of light from different vantage points.


The High Limit Zone features two Lasvit Crystal Wall panels, dividers designed to combine the beauty of Czech crystal with the practical versatility of an architectural device. Between the two panels there is a majestic light installation in crystal by Monika Pacikova to adorn the ceiling.

Almost six meters long, this chandelier with an elliptical form is made with over 150,000 glass pearls, connected and suspended to form intricate designs that create a folded fabric effect. The crystal sparkles thanks to about 100 light sources, with the effect of a rainbow.


Finally, Stepan Gudev has created a custom installation for the reception area of the casino. The panel is based on the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana with their snowy peaks and ski trails. The installation, over three meters high, is composed of glass frits with different color gradients.