Famous design classics like the Faaborg Chair by Kaare Klint, the Bookcase System by Mogens Koch and the Egyptian Table by Mogens Lassen are entering the Carl Hansen & Son collection together with other iconic pieces by these three designers.

These models renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship were part of the collection of Rud Rasmussen, the historic Danish woodworking shop, founded in 1869 by the cabinetmaker Rudolph Rasmussen.

In the 1920s the company began to work with some of the most outstanding Danish furniture designers, including Klint and Koch, who together with Lassen were among the first to open the way to functionalism, playing a fundamental role in the phenomenon of Danish Modernism. 

Over the years Rud Rasmussen continued to work with visionary designers, while preserving very high standards of craftsmanship.

Carl Hansen & Son acquired the company in 2011, fully integrating its collection in 2017.