For Progetto Fuoco 2016, Palazzetti presents new, even more efficient products with advanced technological performance.


Efficiency, savings and comfort, in total respect for the environment, are just some of the characteristics that set the Ecofire® range of pellet stoves apart, ready to cope with future challenges in terms of emissions.

The hermetic stoves represent the most advanced technology at the service of comfort. Thanks to the P.A.C. (Primary Air Circuit), all the air needed for the functioning of the stove (for combustion and cleaning of the glass) is taken directly from outside through a dedicated or coaxial pipe.

The Combustion Dynamic Control is the set of hardware and software technologies that adapt the functioning of the stove to effective conditions in real time.

The air for combustion is taken from outside, directly entering the stoves. This avoids entry of cold air in the space, leading to better overall system efficiency.

Quick Start is the ignition system with a special ceramic resistance that permits quicker lighting of the pellets, reducing electricity consumption.

The special heat exchanger with exhaust pipes makes it possible to distribute smoke flow in different vertical channels positioned around the combustion chamber.

Hot air ventilation is done by an efficient radial ventilator placed at the base of the stove, offering a dual advantage: it promotes the spread of warmth in the room and permits easy passage of air also when the fan is off (in the Silent mode).

Thanks to the Connection Box, you can use an App in a smartphone to turn on, turn off or control the functioning of the stove even from a distance.

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The sum of all the Ecofire® technology and a good example of Palazzetti design, Anna is the new hermetic air-driven stove with a rounded ceramic facing and glass hatch.
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Beatrice stands out for the concave form of the front, an apparent detail that is an absolute novelty on the market.
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Eva has an innovative air regulation system (patent pending): thanks to complete control of incoming air, it is possible to completely control the fire and facilitate start-up operations.