The seasons are the protagonists of the Embroidery seating series designed by Swedish designer Johan Lindstèn for Cappellini..

In a perfect synthesis between the tradition of needlepoint passed down across the centuries, and the new generation of industrial technologies, four seats have been created with a solid ash body and decorations on the backs showing four landscape scenes, illustrating nature in the various seasons of the year.

Fall features deer, with a structure in walnut-stained ash; Spring combines butterflies with white ash; Winter couples a polar landscape to black ash; and Summer offers the elegance of flamingos, emphasizing color tones with a structure in red stained ash.

In every chair the backrest it is wide and enveloping, while the ergonomic seat provides maximum comfort.


The needlepoint cross-stitching done with electronic machinery – by a company that works in the fashion industry, with over forty years of expertise passed on from generation to generation – has the same quality produced by the manual procedure.

Each step in the cross-stitching is done by one needle. The machine has 12, each corresponding to one color. The chromatic variety of a panel can be expanded through manual intervention, also to create more complex designs in constantly changing hues. The embroidery speed reaches 700 stitches per minute, and to complete one of the backrests of the Embroidery chairs takes more than 3 or 4 days of work. Wool yarn is used to give greater body and a 3D effect to embroidery.


The chairs are produced as limited editions.