The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) commissioned the architects Populous to design a new stand, part of a plan of renovation in progress to improve the experience of visitors and reinforce the international reputation of the Lord’s Cricket Ground.


“Natural wood and cricket are inseparable. The use of willow wood for cricket bats and ash wood for the wickets are part of the game, like the cowhide ball, the condition of the pitch, the weather. Populous has chosen American white oak because it can be finely crafted, has a lovely golden hue and is very sturdy. These characteristics made it the ideal choice for the structure of the roof in this project,” says Philip Johnson, Senior Principal of Populous and Project Director.


“The imagination of architects, the inspiration of engineers, the ability of producers, have led to the creation of a structure of reference, a crucial point in the evolution of wood construction, especially regarding what it is structurally possible to do with American hardwoods,” says David Venables, European director of AHEC – American Hardwood Export Council.