The new headquarters of the cosmetics firm Omnicos Group is located at Bagnolo Cremasco in the province of Cremona. The building has an overall area of 8700 square meters, to contain the administration, the R+D division and the production facilities.

The architectural and lighting design have been done by Beppe Riboli Studio, which has turned to Osram for the lighting concept: the outdoor spaces and the main building, set aside for offices, have been outfitted with LED lighting fixtures by Osram.

Three different works of architecture form a single scenario. The Headquarters is a light structure, like a swarm of butterflies. “The suspended Corian enclosure is crossed and supported by sinuous waves to form spaces, empty and full zones, offices, gardens, terraces,” says the architect Beppe Riboli.

The Tunnel is a dream-like work with openings for natural light, lower than the other buildings, while the Laboratorio Diamante has a glass facade through which it is possible to see the technicians at work.