The main goal of the project was to improve as much as possible the view of the lake and the Sirmione peninsula, while conserving the existing vegetation. For this reason, the urban garden at the lake that had the same level as the dock of the port has been lowered with respect to the previous situation.

The choice of materials for the pavements went to natural stones, cubes of gray granite for the pavement of the municipal street for access to the port, and architectural pavement with a gravel effect made with the Levocell system in different colors: round gray river gravel for the paths, granular Botticino piers.

The area impacted is about 4500 m2, including the NLG ticket office-cafe, the lawns, the meadow, the paths and docks, with architectural pavement of the Levocell brand (about 1500 m2).

The project was developed to blend the new solution with the context of the port and the existing trees, concentrating on the aesthetic impact and giving a more modern look to the zone.

For this reason, the architectural design of the pavements, paths and docks includes zones paved with the Levocell system with an exposed gravel effect, using two different colors of aggregate to meet the aesthetic needs of the project as well as the equally important requirements of durability, safety, low maintenance and affordable implementation costs.

The various zones, with different color schemes, are bordered by blades of galvanized steel attached to the screed below, making it possible to create pleasant curved forms to make the paths more dynamic and to blend in with the existing vegetation.