Located at the gates of Parma in a residential neighborhood that is a buffer between the city and the surrounding countryside, this villa is organized around a central patio. The clear intent of the design is to ‘erase’ the internal drive, thanks to a solid facade on the entrance side, with a glass entrance as a sign of welcome.

The two-story building, with an area of 450 m2, including auxiliary spaces like the garage, is surrounded by a garden/park of almost 4000 square meters. A true urban oasis divided into two zones, faced to the east by the bedrooms and to the west by the two-story living area.

Light and glass are the key words behind the design choices, aimed at creating maximum residential pleasure. On the ground floor, the living area has mainly southern exposure, looking towards the internal patio, but also with glazings to the west and north to gain light throughout the day. The kitchen faces east, for breakfasts in morning sunlight. Thanks to their position to the east, the bedrooms enjoy morning light from the park.

The designer, Arch. Luca Rutelli of Atelier 35 Architetti, has opted for the EBE 65 system in painted galvanized steel by Secco, to permit installation of sliding doors of large sizes, keeping the borders slim and subtle, while guaranteeing excellent thermal and acoustic performance, and protection against wind and rain.