Lithos Design, the producer of facings, dividers and floors in natural stone, is composed of three brands: Lithos Design PrimesLithos Design Domino and Lithos Design Source, the 360° consulting service with which the company makes its expertise available to designers involved in complex architectural projects. This expertise is the result of the experience of Lithos Design, created as an advanced experimental laboratory by Bevilacqua Marmi, a company with three decades of background in this sector.


With Lithos Design Source, designers can rely on a team of experts on natural stone and its application.


Three projects, very different in terms of style and use of stone, have recently been created with the consulting of Lithos Design Source.


Patara Restaurant – Berners Street in London, a project of Superfutures.

The brief called for a contemporary interpretation of Thai culture through the use of traditional colors and materials.


Baku Restaurant in Moscow, a project by Archpoint, references the city of Baku and its particular character as an amalgam of ancient and modern, tradition and innovation.


A private penthouse at Ashrafieh, Lebanon, designed by FNA & Partners

The renovation of a private penthouse is based on balanced luxury featuring a harmonious blend of large volumes, noble materials and contemporary art.