Corte Bertesina, an organic agriculture firm located a few kilometers from Vicenza, has recently been revitalized by the studio traverso-vighy architetti, renovating and transforming the original structure of a typical 19th-century rural court in the Veneto.

Based on the growth of a social farming initiative that began in 2010, the complex renovation has led to the creation of new spaces for production and sales, as well as training and hospitality, coexisting with the private residences of the owners.

Natural and artificial light plays a key role in the Corte Bertesina project. The study of light and solar radiation for the buildings was a central factor in the project, to achieve goals of energy savings, wellness and control of light pollution.

L&L Luce&Light, a company that produces sophisticated LED lighting fixtures for architecture, worked in close collaboration with the architects Giovanni Traverso and Paola Vighy.

The selected products offer major energy savings while bringing homogeneous light to all the surfaces.

The linear fixtures and built-in lamps with special concealed optical parts produce very comfortable light.