Casual is located at the foot of the evocative panoramic route of San Vigilio, in the upper city of Bergamo. The restaurant of the internationally renowned chef Enrico Bartolini has two large dining rooms, a more secluded smaller room and an internal courtyard. The glazing along the entire wall offers a fine view of the passage of the funicular railway.


Catellani & Smith has done the lighting for the space, creating a balance between lights and shadows in a setting that relies on the use of natural materials. The play of visual elements generates a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

For this experience of light and taste, lamps have been selected with an essential design, like those of the Lederam collection in tones of white and gold, the ‘cascade’ of luminous drops Jackie O for an even more evocative effect, a dramatic PK Led 100 in a giant size, covered on the inside with gold leaf, a Wa Wa floor lamp, and the Atman ‘jewel’ lamps that shield an LED light source with crystal.