Easy to install and slide into place, the Skate glazings by Gibus are the ideal completion of an outdoor awning or terrace. The windows adapt to any architectural context, protecting the space from rain, wind and low temperatures.

The innovative casements transform the space of a sun room into an oasis of peace, while the single surface, free of interruptions, increases the visual impact. It becomes possible to utilize the sun room in the spring and fall, as a place to spend time in perfect tranquility.

The windows consist of tempered glass panels with a thickness of 10 mm, without perimeter profiles, reducing noise levels by up to 14dB. They stand up to wind, impact, noise, dust and UV rays.

Great versatility of use: the panels can be closed on cold or rainy days, or totally packed away at the sides for complete opening of the space, or partial configurations for ventilation.

The configurations can be varied in many ways, in fact. There can be one or more doors and fixed panels, while the closure systems can have handles and keys, for greater security. The glazings can also form angles to ensure perfect closure of terraces or balconies.