The fil rouge of this entire project was that of reproducing, in the spaces of the hotel, the white luminosity and materic beauty of the island’s traditional architecture.


Elekta by Gruppo Gani, a brand specializing in the production of innovative, high-quality water-base resins for floors and facings, has supplied the Resina Materia collection for the spaces of the Aisling Micro Hotel, an appealing structure overlooking the sea in Santorini.


The hotel – with a large wellness area, painstakingly designed and outfitted down to the smallest details – has chosen to cover all the floors and walls of the entire spa zone with the Resina Materia collection.

The intervention of Elekta by Gruppo Gani also extends to the reception area and the hotel rooms, where Resina Materia, applied with a spatula, is the protagonist with its evocative white shadings. The glossy or matte finishes convey a sensation of luminous minimalism. 


Resina Materia is a monocomponent water-base resin that combines high technical performance and strength with unusual aesthetic variety, in a thickness of just 2 mm.

It is perfect for new surfaces and renovations of spaces without demolition, and can be applied to walls or floors, directly over tiles or on any existing surface, thanks to quick installation and great resistance to scratching and wear.

Resina Materia comes in a vast range of colors and glossy, satin and matte finishes, for all kinds of contexts, with an accent on maximum personalization.