The project comes from the collaboration between Mengucci Costruzioni, based in Castelfidardo, the first company in central-southern Italy to achieve CasaClima Gold certification, and SpaceLab, the studio directed by the architects Luca Silenzi and Zoe Chantall Monterubbiano, among the contributors of the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale, with the curatorial project State of Exception.

M1 transfers into architecture the sensation one has when taking delivery of a new car from a dealership: the certainty of gaining possession of something that has been chosen and evaluated with great care, made with indubitable quality in terms of design and construction, at a clearly predetermined price.

Likewise, starting today you can see what your house will be like, with selected materials and optionals, by using a tablet or a computer. At the website you can design your own home with the M1 HomeConfigurator™.

M1 is an evolved single-family house, a work of architecture designed down to the smallest details, leading to a state-of-the-art construction done in record time.

The long development process has concentrated the functional components of the house in standardized modules for combination in the ideas phase, preconstructed and assembled at the worksite to make a solid, durable and elegant house, with A+ energy classification and advanced home automation.

The plan is free of pillars, and can be personalized thanks to the revolutionary M1HomeConfigurator™. You can choose the type of roof, the furnishings, the materials, the areas and surfaces of the spaces, accessories, packages of optionals, and have a clear idea of what your M1 will be like: a tailor-made project, perfectly coordinated (over 6000 different configurations, for further personalization with the Plus packages), for a turnkey construction made in 14 weeks, not counting the foundation.