Mandelli1953 comes from the intuition of Rodolfo Mandelli, who starting in the 1950s turned his brass workshop into a true business, with innovative machinery for the time.

In 2012 the firm was acquired by Erco, historic brand that operates in the outdoor frames sector. The objective of the acquisition goal is to update and revitalize the company, maintaining its values of production quality and fine craftsmanship.

Today the firm is headquartered in Senna Comasco, in a new factory that has permitted reorganization of production processes in a more rational way.

2016 marks the start of two collaborations with leading designers. Marco Piva has created the Zeit handle, with twelve facets, inspired by time and clocks, for an ergonomic grip.

Massimo Cavana has designed the Twee model, with an irregular form that seems to change from different vantage points, based on the intersections of planes.