Marazzi – an international leader in the design and production of ceramic tiles for facings and floors – has signed a deal for 100% acquisition of Emilceramica, the historic ceramics firm based in Fiorano Modenese.

The pact was made in agreement with the parent company Mohawk Industries, a worldwide reference point in the flooring sector.


Emilceramica is one of the most important companies in the ceramics district of Sassuolo: founded in 1961, it has constantly grown, also thanks to major acquisitions. Today the company operates on an international level through the brands Emilceramica, Provenza, Viva and Ergon.

Emilceramica has over 5500 points of sale in over 70 countries around the world. Its focus on the North American market has led to the opening of four logistics centers with specialized staff.

The company now has about 500 employees and two production plants in Italy, and has implemented a plan of reorganization and investment in innovation in recent years, leading to forceful repositioning at the high end of the market, with sales of over 150 million euros in 2015, 90% in foreign countries.


Marazzi and Emilceramica share the values of extreme quality control, sensitivity to tastes and design, innovation, efficiency and ecosustainability.


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