Scalo Milano City Style is the new shopping district in the Lombard city, designed by Metrogramma in collaboration with Cotefa ingegneri&architetti, as a gathering place of excellence Made in Italy: fashion, food, art and design.


In this particular context Margraf marble is a protagonist of the outdoor spaces. The plazas become true urban salons, where the pavement of 2200 m2 of Margraf marble is enhanced by the use of three types of stone that define spaces, like a carpet, triggering a new relationship between vertical and horizontal elements.

Lipica Fiorito, Rosso Asiago and Grigio Carnico, resistant to frost, in a thickness of 6 cm, in 30 cm modules, are combined to replicate the hues of the facades, in contrast with the self-blocking surfaces.

The flamed finish prevents slipping while softening the color.

The high quality of Margraf marbles perfectly meets the stylistic requirements of Scalo Milano, producing a truly distinctive image.