Martini Light, one of the first companies in the world to study and develop applications of LED technology, continues to improve performance in order to design increasingly innovative solutions for the retail sector.

Many stores have called on Martini Light to enhance their facilities: from giants in the Italian capital of fashion and design like Pantone UniverseStore, Tatras boutique, Giada boutique, Carl Hansen & Son showroom, Loro Piana, Les Copains, Mercedes-Benz Store, Rossocorsa Ferrari, Damiani, Geox and Veneta Cucine, to prestigious boutiques in Russia like Versia and Lalique, making the company an international presence.


Martini Light stands out for the ability to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers, conveying that subtle, ethereal material that is light as a true marketing tool.

More and more, in fact, optimal use of light can capture the interest of customers and influence purchasing behavior. Which is why in the retail sector Martini Light enhances spaces, focusing on the character of the brand and creating a perfect setting in which the languages ​​are many, but with only one goal: always bright, perfectly balanced colors for great performance and the highest quality.


The main products used by Martini in the most important retail installations are:

Milo L, a spotlight that guarantees high performance and aesthetic rigor, capable of granting importance to the items impacted by the light cone.

Bex, an essential and functional adjustable built-in fixture that makes it possible to create games of light, shadows and movement.

The family of Wipp products – including the Wipp and MiniWipp built-in models, and the surface-mount Wipp Elle and Miniwipp Elle – makes it possible to freely play with light, ‘building’ spaces and volumes according a new and unexpected logic.

All these products can be used in combination with the patented technology Martini HD Retina Led.