Masseria Grottone, of the group Masserie Maresca, is an agricultural complex a few kilometers from Ostuni built from 1812 to 1860. Immersed in 40 hectares of age-old olive groves, it is located in a natural context of extraordinary beauty.


After years of abandonment, the site has been restored and expanded in a project by the architecture studio Schiattarella Associati. The operation has conserved the original characteristics of the structures, while also adding new, clearly contemporary elements.

The expansion has made it possible to insert the services for the rooms on the ground floor without altering the architecture. The new construction, in a position not visible from the main entrance thanks to a high stone wall, does not alter the perception of the historical image of the building.


Today the estate contains a luxury rural resort with 10 rooms, services, an outdoor pool, a garden, patio and solarium.

The interiors and furnishings are of minimal design, featuring the use of local materials such as Trani stone.