Kartell, the new evolution of the chair

Kartell, the new evolution of the chair


The mixture of creative design and technological research is part of the DNA of Kartell. New materials pose new challenges, which the company has tackled for years with investments to break down limits. This dialogue between design and innovation has produced Matrix, the new evolution of the chair, created by Tokujin Yoshioka and made with a structure that reproduces a 3D effect, generating extraordinary lightness. A chair made by combining the visionary experimental ideas of the designer with Kartell’s sophisticated production technology, using injection molding combined with a metal structure.

“Kartell invests to make products into a perfect balance of technological research, originality, attention to detail and industrial production, factors that are important today and will be important in the future,” says Claudio Luti, president of Kartell. “Matrix continues the path of quality and novel applications of revolutionary materials and technologies. As always, we have approached a technological challenge and transformed it into an innovative product destined to become a new bestseller in our catalogue. Kartell experiments for the first time with the use of polycarbonate applied to a complex mold, expanding the productive and creative possibilities.”



In the injection molding Kartell’s objective is to exploit the possibility of obtaining a product with characteristics of craftsmanship in an industrial process of the highest quality.

“For Matrix,” Tokujin Yoshioka says, “I took inspiration from the chairs of the 1950s, made using steel wires. Rather than focusing on the external image, I decided to create a design as close as possible to the structure, while taking advantage of the innovative injection molding technology of Kartell. The two layers of acrylic resin with a rod-like form create the three-dimensional structure in a harmonious dialogue between form and material, in an essential, timeless product.”

Matrix comes in transparent, white, black and plum versions, with painted or chrome-plated steel legs, and in stainless steel for the outdoor model. There is also a rocking chair version in oak-stained wood.